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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #143 - February 2020 Comics & News

Sorry for the delay in this podcast but we have been busy with the Phantom bushfire phundraiser - more on that soon!

Anyway we discuss all the news from the last two and a half months along with eight Phantom comics from Fantomen (Sweden) and Frew (Australia).

If you are looking for an excuse to support us as a Patreon, make sure you listen to the news at the start of the podcast. We announce TWO amazing Patreon-only announcements with the card game that is about to be kickstarted, as well as some exciting news regarding the Phantom bushfire phundraiser.

Thanks as usual to Mickael Lyck for his detailed reviews on Fantomen, as well as Angus this month who helps us reflect on Frew's 2020 Annual Special. Please don't forget that we're looking for a phan from Brazil, Hungary and Norway to help us reviewing their comics.

1 min - General news

- Update on Bushfire Phundraising book

- Phantom card game update

- New Sy Barry print

- New Phantom movie from India

17 min - Publisher news

- Fantomen 70th Anniversary

- Fantomen Best Story competition

- Best of Frew 2019 results

- Mallon 85th Anniversary edition

35 min - Comics reviews - Fantomen #1, #2-3, #4

42 min - Frew #1856 - 2019 Christmas Special

51 min - Frew #1857 The Forgotten Tribe

1hr01 - Frew #1858 - 2020 Annual Special

- Isle of Eden compilation

- Kid Phantom special

- with special comments from Angus

1hr29 - Frew #1859 - Replica series #22

Happy Phantoming!

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