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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #137 - Defenders of the Earth Read Along

Something fun for everyone. Originally planned for Christmas Day but due to some unforeseen circumstances, this has been delayed until today. We decided to split this podcast into two with each episode being the individual read along tape. Hopefully this means they can be re-listened and enjoyed as per originally.

Do not forget the YouTube videos of each episode featuring the book so you can read along.

Read-Along Book and Tapes from Golden Storybook (1987) featuring Flash Gordon, Mandrake, Lothar and the Phantom, along with their children, as they do battle with Ming the Merciless. Based on the Defenders of the Earth animated series.

Computer Checkmate

The fate of the Earth hangs on the outcome of a chess game between evil Kro-Tan's Octon computer and Flash Gordon's Dynak X computer.

The Sun Steelers

The "Defenders of the Earth" and their children attempting to stop the evil Ming the Merciless from stealing energy from Earth's Sun.

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