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Will we see the next part of the 22nd Phantom Saga soon?

On the 1st February, Sal Velluto posted a progress image on Facebook which featured a female and male Phantom, each wearing a Phantom ring, with the Singh mark behind them.

It does not take much to put it together that this is likely to be Heloise and Kit Jnr reprising their role as the future Phantoms trying to find out what happened to their Dad, the 21st Phantom, who has been missing for a year.

At the top of Sal's sneak preview, it has the title "Shadow of an Enemy". However there is no word yet on when the next part(s?) will appear in a Fantomen issue, let alone a Frew comic.

This story began with The 22nd Phantom trilogy, first published by Egmont in 2016 and Frew in 2017. Written by Claes Reimerthi, the first three parts featured art by the late Paul Ryan, Alex Saviuk, Coral Martinez and Rafael Ruiz.

Back in August 2018 on Facebook, Fantomen editor Mikael Sol said that the highly popular The 22nd Phantom saga would be making a return in 2019.

The ChronicleChamber team reviewed the first three parts back in X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #79, which you can listen to here.

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