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Fantomen Kids TPB Coming Soon!

Frew has Kid Phantom featuring the 21st Phantom as a child growing and learning how to be the Phantom and Egmont has Fantomen Kids which is Kit and Heloise growing and learning how to be the Phantom. We first announced this series back in 2015 which you can read about here.

The first Fantomen Kids story was released all the way back in Fantomen issue 12 / 2015. The second back in Fantomen 14-15 / 2016 and the third story will be released in 24 / 2018 which is the same issue as the Jam Story concept (you can read about that here)

From what we understand this new TPB is a collection of all three parts in a single issue aimed at the younger readers like Frews “Kid Phantom” title. No word or previews yet on the cover, the page count and if there will be any supplements or bonus’ to help give the comic the ‘pester power’ pull for poor parents looking for a quick fix to keep their kids behaved.

Back in the 2015 article, we stated that Editor Mikael Sols aim was for this to become a separate Phantom publication. It may be three years later, but this is the first step in that aim. I would guess if this publication sells well, we will see more future magazines and new stories.

This news comes out a few days after the Fantomet Norway magazine being cancelled and shows that while Fantomet Norway may have struggled, obviously Fantomet Sweden is different. You do not add new titles if your loosing money and sales going down.

The creative team for the three stories are: Jan Bielecki who is the artist on all three parts while Jens Hansegård wrote parts one and two and part three was written by Egmont editor Mikael Sol.

When we see cover art, information on the contents, “pester power” supplements and how non-Swedish fans can buy this magazine, we will let you know.

Thanks, goes to Mikael Sol and Andreas Eriksson for the information on this new magazine.

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