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Competition: Leave a Customer Rating at iTunes to WIN!!

The 100th Episode of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast is fast approaching, and we want you to celebrate with us!

Recording and publishing these podcasts is a labour of love for all of us here at ChronicleChamber, and we hope you enjoy listening half as much as we enjoy recording.

We have had so many wonderful experiences doing it, especially the conversations with Phantom luminaries that we could only have dreamed of when we were young phans reading comics under the covers at night by torchlight.

Hopefully some of these conversations have been fun, interesting, informative and entertaining for you as well!

It's hard to believe we have almost reached 100 episodes! There are a few things we have planned for #100 when it hits, and we are now ready to announce the first of them!

As you would have heard in Episode 96 (or seen if you've watched the Youtube vodcast), we are holding a competition to give away a limited edition Bradford Exchange Bronze Phantom statue!!

The statue is an absloute classic and a must-have for any serious Phantom collector. The statue on offer is #0167 of 1936 made. Based on a Glenn Ford design, the imposing 12 inch figure will stand proudly on your Phantom shelf or display case, or even be the most excellent paperweight possible on your desk at work.

All you need to do to enter is write a review at iTunes for X-Band: The Phantom Podcast. The ChronicleChamber team will choose the review that we like the most, and that author will win the prize!

Yes, it's that easy! So go on to iTunes either on your device or here via the website and give us a 5 star rating and review! Make sure you leave your name as part of the review so we can identify the winner and send you the statue.

We will announce the winner as part of the Episode 100 celebrations.

Many thanks to MerchantWise in Melbourne who have donated the statue for us to give away in this competition.

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