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Choloman Sequel On the Cards

Work on the sequel to the Bengali phan film Choloman Oshoriri has begun!

ChronicleChamber can announce that Writer/Director Abir Roy and his team have started work on a sequel to the 2017 phan made movie Choloman.

Sagardeep Roy will be returning in the role as the Phantom aka Choloman. No word yet if the actor who made a huge hit with his portrayal of Guran will be cast again - let's hope he does.

At this stage we will see Diana and Rex in the movie, no word yet on who will be playing them or anything about their back stories. In past conversations Abir has expressed a love for Rex as a character so we would expect his back story to be fairly consistent with Falk lore.

Indeed, almost everything Abir created in the first Choloman was consistent with Falk lore and so there is no reason to believe a sequel would be any different.

In searching for clues about the possible plot, we have heard that Abir has been recently re-reading the Sunday Wilson McCoy story The Belt several times, and he has also expressed interest in Rama Singh being the main antagonist with the passing off role from 20th to 21st in his interview podcast with us.

In the first movie we saw Keela Wee, the Bandar village and the Skull Cave at the end. Hopefully we will see more of Deep Woods and we can also confirm Eden will be making an appearance and indeed, work has began on building the set.

One common criticism of the movie was the costume and we can also confirm that a beefier Phantom will be depicted this time, while a more lightweight and faithful costume will be portrayed in the sequel.

Another concern for some phans has been the "Indianness" of the narrative. Now personally we at CC do not agree with or understand this. The Phantom's country was placed in India for so long and even while being in Africa since the 1960's we still see a heavy Indian influence. While Australians and the Scandinavian audiences may have been incidental viewers of the original Choloman, the primary intended audience is the India market so it makes sense, that it would be influenced by Indian culture.

Phantom phans from around the world are starved of a great movie depiction of the Phantom. So how can anyone help or support this sequel? Abir Roy and the team are looking for financial backers who can help finance and support his movie. At the moment the budget is extremely low by Western standards, at around $1,000 USD.

If you would like to help, feel free to contact them or if you would like us to introduce you to them, contact ChronicleChamber.

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