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Melbourne Meet-up at Museum

Phantom aficionado Trevor Clark is hosting a phan meet-up at the Australian Cartoon Museum in Melbourne early next month, and he's calling on all like-minded folk to join him there.

Many Australians will know of Trevor, who has been a great friend and help to many phans over the years. As one small example, it was Trevor who donated the Phantom comics that Sammy J used for his Hero Complex showbags.

Trevor is hosting a Phantom meet up, swap and sale day on Saturday 5th March - coincidentally, on Free Comic Book Day.

There will be a small display of Phantom collectibles available for viewing, and some Phantom comics and merchandise on sale. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own Phantom goodies to sell or trade on the day, and a fun gathering with stories, show and tell is expected.

Trevor manning the Frew Booth at ACAF in February

As Trevor explains it: "A Frew of us (pun) had a lunch a few years ago. It was fun but a bit disorganised and difficult looking at comics around burgers etc. I am helping with the Australian Cartoon Museum, and they have the space. I want (the meet-up) to be whatever the group wants it to be. A meeting place to finalise deals in person? Show and tell. Pricing advice? Sell things. Initially I want to limit selling to a box of things each. We will have a couple of items on display and some newspaper articles from the ACM collection. The gold coin donation is to support the ACM. Happy for people to contact me for further info."

So Melbourne/Victorian phans - take the opportunity to meet some new Phantom friends and share some Phantom stories! Contact Trevor via Facebook here.


12:30pm - 5:00pm

Saturday 5th May

Australian Cartoon Museum

Docklands, Melbourne

Gold coin donation

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