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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #94 - Cholomon Oshoriri

The Bengali fan-made Phantom film Cholomon Oshoriri has been available on YouTube and Facebook for a few months now, so it's well and truly time we devoted a podcast to it.

And what a lot of fun this one was! Steve, Jermayn and Dan recorded a 'phan commentary' of the film, chatting about it as we watched it together. Then we were lucky enough to speak to Abir Roy (writer, director, editor) and Sagardeep Roy (actor - Choloman).

The commentary and the interview make for a fascinating examination of the film which is, in our humble opinion, probably the best version of our hero since the 1996 Billy Zane movie.

So enjoy listening to this one, or even better - watch the film with us on our YouTube channel (below).

Happy Phantoming!

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