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Messages from a Young Phan

Here at ChronicleChamber, we're unashamedly all about the next generation of Phantom phan.

Each of us has young children and we work reasonably hard at getting them hooked in the same way we were when we were kids. Whether it's Steve earning a Frew Crew badge with his son Tom, or Jermayn giving his daughter Abbi a chalkboard that features Kid Phantom, or me taking my son Angus along to three iterations of The Phantom Art Show - we do our bit.

However, it seems that Daily and Sunday newspaper author Tony DePaul has trumped us all! In a blog post published last night, Tony tells us of a series of correspondence he's had with a young phan who was compelled to write in to his favourite comic strip author.

It's an endearing read, with Tony sharing scans of the letters he's been sent by his young admirer, the enigmatically named "H".

Do yourself a favour, warm up your heart, and click here to read all about a young man - and his brother - who took the time to make contact with the current keeper of the canon.

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