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New Phantom Clothing Range Launched

With much fanfare on their social media pages and a very flash promo video, Finnish clothing label Billebeino have launched a new range of officially licensed Phantom themed clothing.

The range includes T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps and beanies in simple yet stylish designs. There are over a dozen items for phans to drool over, all emblazoned with Phantom iconography in multiple places, often including front and back.

The launch of the Phantom range was spruiked via the company's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, "Billebeino has entered a unique and exciting collaboration with the legendary comic hero The Phantom, also known as The Ghost Who Walks. The world-famous character’s notorious skull mark meets the Billebeino brick logo in a simple yet ever-so-brilliant way in a limited-edition collection."

The images available from the launch at Casino Helsinki on Friday 2nd February suggest it was an incredible evening. If you're keen to see Hero, Devil, and a bunch of beautiful Finnish people strutting their stuff in Phantom gear, there is an awesome short video of the evening available here.

Using the overlay of their brick logo, Billebeino have certainly found a way to put a new slant on the images we have seen from the King Features style guide for the last few years now.

With all their products made from 100% recycled materials, this is a product Kit Walker himself would approve of. The company also show great respect for the The Phantom strip and its history, with credit to Lee Falk and the origin of the strip on every page of their website.

For all that, some phans may find the prices a little on the expensive side. For example, $135AUD to have a sweatshirt delivered to Australia will stretch the budget of even the most ardent collectors. It would appear that orders over 100€ attract free shipping, but with current exchange rates this would still require a serious dip into the Minor Treasure Room funds.

Either way, it's certainly worth a look through the store - check out now!

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