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The Most POPular Phantom Artist starts a Podcast

A popular new Phantom artist has just started featuring as a regular guest on a podcast and video webseries, providing listeners with 'a fun discussion about pop culture with a unique Australian perspective'.

The cheekily named Most POPular Podcast was launched at the beginning of January and is hosted by Brisbane pop culture aficionado Amanda Bacchi. Her regular guest is one of the hottest new Phantom scribblers going around, Dr Paul Mason of Kid Phantom fame.

At the time of writing two episodes have been released via Amanda's website Backflip Bacchi, and the series is also coming soon to iTunes. The episodes are coming in at a little under 30 minutes so far, and as the tagline suggests they feature the pair chatting about all things pop culture - mostly movie goss, TV series news and comic book reflections so far.

Of interest to Phantom phans, Paul has also chatted briefly about his progress on Kid Phantom early in each episode to date, and is actually working on the comic as the pair record the podcast.

Of even more interest to Phantom phans will be the YouTube versions of the podcast! In these videos (links below), the entertaining and informative chat is accompanied by a time lapse video of Paul inking (Ep 1) and colouring (Ep 2) Kid Phantom #4. This is truly a fascinating peek behind the curtain at the process behind the finished product.

Thankfully, the videos are not spoiler-heavy - there is no dialogue or text, and the videos are very focused on the details rather than the big picture of the story.

Episode 1

Episode 2

As much fun as it is watching the drawing develop, it's also fascinating to get a window into Paul's workspace. Piles of Phantom comics (e.g. Frew Annuals), Paul's reference materials, and the odd Phantom collectible (e.g. Ikon rings) come into frame, as well as semi-regular appearances from 'Cheezel', the cheeky yellow cockatiel who has become something of a "Where's Wally" figure in the Kid Phantom books.

We here at ChronicleChamber are very happy to give the Most POPular Podcast our Good Mark tick of approval and recommend it to phans.

Check it out via or follow the series on Facebook or YouTube.

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