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Kid Phantom Giveaways Revealed

It's a question many phans have been asking for a while now ... What extras or giveaways will Frew be including with the Kid Phantom comics?

Issue #1 had the stickers, while issue #2 had the colouring competition and poster - what would we see next?

Well, in a dark corner of Facebook yesterday it was revealed - badges!

In a comment on a long thread, Frew Director Glenn Ford himself makes the big reveal, "the bagged extra for [Kid Phantom #3 ] and the 5 subsequent issues will be a cool-looking metal/enamel badge. Paul [Mason] ... and Andrew [Constant] have done an outstanding job on this issue - and that's not just publisher's hype - it just keeps on getting better and better! First badge is the Kid himself."

A close-up photo of the six-badge set is attached and you can see it here - they do indeed look really cool!

There will be speculation as to who each badge is, as clearly not all these characters have appeared in the Kid Phantom stories yet. Our best guess is, from left to right: the Kid (of course); a young Devil or some other native American canine companion for Kit; Diana; Guran; an American school chum of Kit's; a Bandar girl who follows Kit and Guran to America for some reason.

We might have to troll back over our podcast interviews with Glenn for some more clues, because there's some wild speculation there!! Have you got any better ideas? Comment below or on our Reddit thread!

Meanwhile, ChronicleChamber has confirmed that the badges are all around the size of an adult male's thumbnail, and are affixed with a push-on back commonly used in hatpins and the like. If you look carefully you can see one of the backs just behind Devil's ear, which also gives some idea of scale.

Of course, the badges are fully licensed with through King Features which is all spelled out on the rear of the badge. Here the badges also display a website address which, while not live yet, promises some interesting digital content in the Kid Phantom space. Of course, we knew this was coming after Glenn told us as much on the podcast, but it is cool seeing it all come towards reality.

A little more digging on Facebook however, and you might find - a Kid Phantom Facebook page! Make sure you Like and Follow this for all the latest on the newest iteration of our purple hero.

And the best news? Issue #3 of Kid Phantom will hit shelves on 25th January, only a fortnight away, when we'll all be able to inspect the Kid badge for ourselves!

(The second best news? Frew's Western themed 2018 Annual will also include a Kid Phantom giveaway - a wearable mask! A great excuse to get a second comic for the kids...)

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