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Skull Ring does Good Thing

We all know that the Phantom's Skull Mark is used to identify roughnecks and evil-doers but sometimes, just sometimes, it can also feature in a good news story! is very proud to have played a very small role in a phantastic Phantom story that can only happen when the world's oldest comic strip hero is involved.

Back in September, we received an email from someone called Mick asking, "Hello guys I was recently metal detecting and dug up what appears to be a Phantom skull and cross bone ring, the same as the rings that appear on your home page of this website, the ring is adjustable in other words its not joined and can be made to fit, just wanting to know what year this type of ring was made and ring is copper/brass type, any help would be greatly appreciated".

Knowing our own limitations, we of course directed him towards the man who literally wrote the book on Phantom rings, Gary Horne. Gary took one look at the photo and realised that Mick and his metal-detecting kids had uncovered an item that belonged in the Major Treasure Room!

As Mick explains in an article published recently in Rockhampton's (Qld, Aust) The Bulletin, the ring turned out to be a "mid-1950s Phantom Ring with a value of up to $100".

With a rarity rating of 4/5 in Gary's book, we should all hope that we might be lucky enough to find one of these Phantom Club gold rings!!

The great news is that Mick and his group of Young Guns Metal Detectors have decided to donate all the proceeds of their finds to a charity called Santa's Lolly Drop, a team that is fighting the good fight and keeping the spirit of giving and magic alive during the holiday season.

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