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Hero Complex - Inception

Further proving that it is indeed the #ShowThatCannotDie Sammy J's Hero Complex is showing again before the end of the month, and this is a very special event where the whole story comes full circle and returns to it's original roots.

All phans should know the premise of the show by now: In 1996, Sammy J borrowed some Phantom comics from his school gardener. That moment set off a chain of events that led to the birth of his daughter, saw him committing a crime in Canberra, and ended with a federal policeman searching his attic.

The venue for the next Hero Complex? The Peninsula Grammar school - the very school where he met that school gardener!

This promises to be a very special version of the story, with Sammy bound to be drawn into the nostalgia of being back in the environment where the whole journey began. There are also likely to be many members of the school community in attendance who were around at the time to, adding to the charm.

This is the last time Hero Complex will be performed in 2017, so make sure you get along if you can! The school is located on the Mornington peninsula (Victoria, Australia - about an hour south of Melbourne CBD).

As always, we cannot commend this show enough to Phantom phans. Anyone who is a collector, or who has been ever bitten by the purple bug in any way, will absolutely love this show.

Partners and kids will love it because they'll see a bit of you in it, and friends who have never even heard of The Phantom (sacrilege - are they even friends?) will love it because it's just a damn good show. Hero Complex has universal appeal despite it's apparently niche nucleus.

For all links to purchase your tickets, check out our Hero Complex page immediately!

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