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X Band: Episode #81 - The Phantom Club

From 1981 till 1995 in Australia, there existed The Phantom Club.

The Phantom Club newsletters, product advertisements and other Club notes appeared on the rear cover of Frew comics right through the 1980's. With over 5000 members at their peak - each receiving regular Jungle Beat newsletter mailouts, access to merchandise, and an instant circle of phriends - this was THE place for phans to get their Phantom phix through the 80s and early 90s.

Of the X-Band podcast team, only Dan (JM6401) is old enough to have joined up and become an active member, so he was dead keen to record an episode where we trawl back over the history of The Phantom Club.

To help the conversation and make sure the phellas get their facts right, we are lucky enough to be joined by two Life Members who also delight in re-living old times and sharing some of their memories of what was probably the greatest period to be a phan.

This really is a wonderful conversation and a must-listen for anyone who ever was a member, or who ever wanted to be.

To help bring yourself up to speed, see below for a few interesting items about the Club that were published back in the day:


Phantom Freaks - published in Australian Penthouse magazine, Feb 1985 - click here to read a transcript of the article

John Henderson & Olga Kiriakoff - 1987

Sunday Mail - February 15, 1987

Recent Phantom Happenings

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