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Creating the Phantom Costumes for Originalteckningar

By now, many phans will have seen the Facebook and other social media posts of Kit and Julie (or Heloise) running around in their Phantom costumes related with the Originalteckningar (Original Art) exhibition up in Stromstad, Sweden.

However, did you know that the curator of the exhibition, Sinisha Bozunovic, made them himself? Believe it or not...

Not only is Sinisha a lover of The Phantom art, he is a man of many talents including being an artist himself. Being Halloween he also carves pumpkins and he also does make-up. What can he not do? I am developing a man crush :)

See the gallery below for some photos of Sinisha hard at work in the production process, through to the final result of Kit and Heloise at the show.As you can see, he has delicately tailored each suit to match his models. The process includes him painting the stripes, as well as fitting to his Julie (or Heloise) model Jennifer Andersson.

You can find some more information regarding Sinisha's past and present works at his website

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