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Ring Man to appear at Brisbane Supanova

Phantom phans have traditionally had slim pickings at Australian comic conventions over the last decade or more, but the wheel has been slowly turning over the last 18 months or so. We have seen Frew Publications have their own booth at the last two Sydney Supanovas, and Phantom artists exhibiting and speaking on Phantom panels at Oz ComicCon through 2017.

However, for the most part a comic and pop culture convention is a bit like a scavenger hunt for a Phantom phan, as they peer at the back wall of booths, scan through display shelves and thumb through comic boxes to see if they can find that one piece of purple treasure tucked away in a sea of Marvel, DC and Disney.

Well, Phantom treasure hunters will know they have hit the mother lode when they attend Brisbane Supanova (November 10, 11, 12 at the Brisbane Convention Centre).

To begin with, legendary The Phantom author Stan Lee will be in attendance. Yes, a Phantom author. He did write the first issue of Defenders of the Earth back in 1987, after all.

To be fair though, Stan is probably better known as co-creator of the Hulk, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ring Man…

Author Gary Horne

Ring Man?

No, wait. That’s Gary Horne.

The real Phantom treasure at Brisbane Supanova is undoubtedly going to be Gary’s booth.

Of course, Gary will be there selling his definitive guide book Phantom Rings: Celebrating 80 Years of The Phantom.

As a special deal for buyers at Supanova, each book will come with a free Phantom Skull ring (one of the kid’s size 1996 movie promotional rings). Of course, Gary will also be more than happy to sign the books for purchasers. Any true phan who hasn’t picked one up yet really should, and this will be the perfect opportunity for Brisbane attendees.

Front cover

But Gary is planning so much more for his booth than just a pile of his books. As a lifetime collector, Gary has accumulated a large range of Phantom comics and collectables including, of course, rings. With a large display planned of his “spares”, we are sure that Gary’s booth will be sure fire hit with phans.

And to be honest, it’s just great that there will be huge range of Phantom collectibles on display to reminder all the modern con goers that the original comic strip hero is still out there and going strong!

If you can get to the Brisbane Supanova event, make sure you check their website and buy your tickets now.

But in case you can't get there, head instead to and select Buy It Now to get a copy of the book!

And if you haven't had a chance to listen to Episode 64 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast yet, click the image link below to whet your appetite as we talk to Gary and scratch the surface of his extensive knowledge of Phantom rings. Or perhaps wait until you get your copy of Phantom Rings, then flick through it with Gary and the team as we chat!

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