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Wilson McCoy Godfather of Pop is Back!!

This time the exhibition from Martin Goldbeck-Löwe will be presented in the famous city called Kiruna.

Kiruna is a town in the far north of Swedish Lapland. It's known for the huge LKAB iron ore mine and its underground visitors center with an exhibit on mining. Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården, the 19th-century former home of LKAB’s first managing director, is now a museum with a courtyard photography exhibit. Kiruna Church is notable for its bell tower and resemblance to the traditional huts of the indigenous Sámi people.

It will soon also be known for the Wilson McCoy Godfather of Pop Exhibition in the famous Kiruna City Hall running from Saturday 14th October to 12th November.

Last time they had Wilson McCoy's grandson Bruce McCoy and this time a Swedish art professor will be discussing and presenting the true power of McCoys art, his influence around the world, that possibly one of the 20th Century's most important artists, and how it would be impossible for someone today to use his style in our modern world. Truly interesting and I look forward to hearing more about this myself.

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