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Norway Releases the Egmont New McCoy Inspired Story by Jimmy Wallin

Back in April we discussed and brought to you news about a Swedish artist Jimmy Wallin doing a Wilson McCoy inspired story for Egmont. Well, in case you have missed it, Norway has recently released it in their magazine Fantomet in issue 8/2017 with a publishing date of July 17 2017.

It has not yet been released by the Swedish version of Fantomen yet, and according to sources it is likely to be published mid-August. No news yet if it will be released by Frew.

Thank you to Norway phan Thomas Askjellerud for bringing this to our attention. Without ruining it for everyone who has not got the Norwegian comic yet, or are waiting for the Swedish comic, or hoping to seeing it in a Frew cover, here are some screenshots - so look away.

All the classical McCoy-isms are present with the depictions of Diana, the bad guys with their usual ugliness, the typical kiss at the end of the adventure, the fight scene, Diana showing true grit, the simple but yet detailed backgrounds.

I am looking forward to more from Jimmy and Egmont.

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