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X Band: Episode #69 - A Date with The Demon

Over the last 9 months or so, phans at Comic Conventions or on Facebook might be excused for doing a double-take as they see a new but very familiar looking comic book, The Demon.

Artist and author Matt Kyme makes no secret of the fact that his character and product design is inspired by his favourite character The Phantom; his favourite creators Lee Falk and Ray Moore; and his favourite publisher Frew.

Despite the first issue of The Demon recently being nominated for a Ledger Award, many phans are understandably wary of a book that just looks so much like their beloved comic strip.

With this in mind, Jermayn and Dan (Steve couldn't make it and he's been grumbling about it ever since!) invited Matt onto X-Band: The Phantom Podcast to talk about his creation and probe the line between being inspired by source material, and following it too closely.

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