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New Creators for Frew Created Stories

Over the last six months we have seen new Phantom stories being created by Frew with the Lou Manna, Felmany, Gaslight and Kid Phantom stories. Today the team at Chronicle Chamber has learnt and can confirm that two known authors who have done work for Egmont have also been commissioned to do more Frew created stories.

Their names are Philip Madden and Pidde Andersson. Philip Madden we should all know as we have interviewed him before on the XBand Podcast (Episode #22) and has regularly been talked about and praised with his slightly different and unique writing style. Pidde Andersson however is a new name for many Frew readers.

Pidde has never done a Team Egmont story for the Phantom (Fantomen/t as known in Norway and Sweden) but has written non-Phantom comic stories for Egmont and other publishers for decades. One of the best things about Pidde is that he knows and has a love for the character.

Information on the artist attributed to Philip Maddens character is unknown at this stage but we can confirm that Italian artist Angelo R Todaro will be bringing Pidde's story to life with his classic clean style that is well loved by Australians and Frew readers.

I expect dates and other information to be released by Frew in the next few weeks.

I am looking forward to what these well known and respected creators and Frew come up with and what style the adventures are but with what we have seen so far I expect traditional stories that will ooze many Falkisms throughout and keep majority of the Frew readers happy.

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