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No Phantom for 2017 Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is coming up in less than a fortnight (Saturday May 6th, 2017), and no doubt many phans have been looking forward to heading down to their local comic stores to pick up what has quickly become an annual tradition: a free The Phantom comic from Hermes Press.

Sadly, the visit is doomed for disappointment this year. There will be no The Phantom comic available on Free Comic Book Day in 2017.

ChronicleChamber has been in contact with Hermes Press, who have confirmed the news, "Sorry, we weren't given the go-ahead to participate in Free Comic Book Day."

"The FCBD committee told us that they weren't interested in having us reprint the 1976 Don Newton Phantom story that we submitted for this year."

This is a disappointing turn of events, especially with Hermes Press' much anticipated new series due out later this year.

Hermes Press' 2016 Free Comic Book

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