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Kid Phantom to appear at Oz Comic Con

The Oz Comic Con is about to start its annual circuit of Australia, and for the first time in a long time Phantom phans will have a very purple reason to attend.

Andrew Constant

The all-Australian creative team behind Frew's soon-to-be-released Kid Phantom series will be in attendance and will be speaking on a panel, confirmed in both Perth and Adelaide at this stage. Both Andrew Constant (author) and Dr Paul Mason (artist) are looking forward to sharing information about the story, and a few behind the scenes details as well.

Dr Paul Mason

"Those that dig the Phantom might want to come by and see us at the conventions," says Paul. "Hopefully we'll be at the other Oz Comic Cons too this year if they get the numbers. Those that don't mind a few spoilers, but are keen to know more about the genesis of the ideas, and how comics come together, they'd dig it at the show."

At Perth on Saturday 25th March, Andrew and Paul will be presenting at the Kid Phantom panel on Stage 2 from 11am-12pm.

In Adelaide, the team will be again be speaking on Stage 2 from 11am-12pm, but this time on the Sunday (April 2nd).

Phans in other cities (Melbourne, July 1; Sydney, Sept 23 ; Brisbane, Sept 30) might want to jump on the Oz Comic Con website and scroll down to the bottom of the page to request the Kid Phantom panel at a venue near you!

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