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Enter The Phantom in Albury

You only have one more month to Enter The Phantom in Albury - and there's one special day you should aim for!

On February 25th February, Bradley Peach is hosting a Phantom Fun Morning from 10am - 12:30pm. There will be dress-ups and story time for the kids, as well as all the materials they need to create and draw their very own comic strip.

For the grown ups, there's a Collector's gathering with phans encouraged to bring along their special collectibles and to share stories with like-minded individuals. In addition, Bradley and wife Joyful will conduct a tour of the exhibition.

In the meantime, friend of, Sean Bassett has visited the display. He's shared some of the pictures of his visit, which we're sure will whet your appetite!

So make sure you get along to the Lavington Library (366 Griffith Rd, Albury) and see it all for yourself! You may just be surprised at which Phantom luminaries you will be joining!

Recent Phantom Happenings

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