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2017 FREW News Continues to Delight Phans

Frew Publications continue their stellar start to 2017, with the announcement of a third new publication, as well as a free gift to all their fans.

On Facebook today, Frew announced that they will soon be bringing the Giantsize Phantom comic back to life.

"Giantsize Phantom was an anthology-style comic published by Frew in the late 50’s-early 60’s. It featured a Falk Phantom story along with other stories from Frew’s stable of characters, most notably Catman, Sir Falcon, the Phantom Ranger and the Shadow. We’ll be reprinting each of these titles, throughout this ongoing series, starting from issue #1 of each of them and in sequence."

In the post, Frew go on to explain that publication will be 100 pages long (hence Giantsize) and published quarterly. The stories will be almost entirely reprints, although The Phantom story will be in colour.

While the stories may be reprints, it seems that the covers will be original. However, with Glenn Lunsden's vibrant cover for the first issue (below) paying wonderful tribute to the covers from the 1950s and 60s, one senses that the tone of the era will not be lost.

Glenn Lunsden's cover for the new Giantsize Phantom #1

The announcement goes some way to clearing up the confusion caused by ChronicleChamber's first Giantsize Phantom report back in mid-December.

As for the free gift? Frew have made a free poster available on their website!

Frew's 2016 covers poster

The poster, which comes in digital form as a downloadable PDF file, features 26 of Frew's covers from 2016. With the replica series covers absent, this is a genuine "at-a-glance" display of the new Frew crew's approach to comic book covers.

It's available for phans to download and print for themselves at an Officeworks or similar business. According to Frew, the file is "high-quality print resolution ... .and can be printed out, in colour, at A2 size with no loss in quality ... That means it will scale down to A3 or A4, depending on how much wall space you have."

The poster is available for download here.

All this is the latest in a sequence of big announcements from the iconic Australian publishing company. It comes only only a day after Frew confirmed a new Kid Phantom digest comic book series and their Frew Philecards incentive for subscribers.

Coming on the back of the announcement of the Phantom by Gaslight series, it seems that the Frew crew really is determined to make 2017 the beginning of a new era in The Phantom history in Australia.

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