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The Phantom Vs The Shadow

It's the age-old question that very few people have ever asked - who would win a fight between The Phantom and fellow pulp hero, The Shadow?

The Phantom Vs The Shadow - by Larry King

In the latest Ant King Frequency podcast, Australian Antonio Sanciolo and American Larry King debate exactly that.

Okay, so serious Phantom phans might cringe at times when the hosts rely on memories of reading the comics 20 years ago (we discover that Devil is a German Shepherd, Phantom "has strength of 10 bears" and The Phantom's daughter in Phantom 2040 is called Kit). However, overall, the conversation is an interesting comparison and evaluation of two 1930s/1940s era action heroes.

Antonio and Larry measure out the contest between the characters on three levels: the 1990's cinema versions of the characters, the comic strip versions, and what might happen in 'real-life'.

Without spoiling the outcome too much, safe to say that Phantom fans will be agreeing with Meatloaf's refrain - 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

The Phantom Vs The Shadow - by Antonio Sanciolo

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