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New Bradford Exchange Personalised Welcome Sign

Bradford has released another item this week with advertising starting to filter through to customers inviting them to purchase a personalised "welcome" sign for their Skull Cave.

This is a brilliant idea and a perfect Father's Day surprise for the Phantom phan who wants something Phantom but has a wife or partner complaining that they do not know what to get them. The price is not over the top too much with a total of $170 including postage. As usual there is a payment plan if you're on a tighter budget.

While Douglas Klauba's artwork is brilliant and his Moonstone covers among the best EVER created for a Phantom cover and he goes down along with Gohs and Wilson as the best examples of Phantom painted covers, I think it may be time Bradford Exchange stops using his art for their products and use something else.

Below is a great example of what the Personalised sign will look like. Will you be getting one?

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