• Joe

Presenting PhanWorks

The Phantom has one of the biggest fan bases of any comic character in history and among them are some very talented people! In celebration of these creative geniuses, ChronicleChamber is re-booting PhanWorks, something that I've wanted to bring back to the site for a while now.

PhanWorks will showcase all kinds of creations from folks all over the world; art works, cosplay, writing, photography, model building, figure customisation, if you can create it we'll share it. Currently we have the honour of sharing the brilliant cosplay work of Kim La Kim and the brilliant Leghost Who Walks. Of course we hope to add a lot more.

If you yourself have created any Phantom art or know someone that does, you can submit it to us via the Contact page. Just be sure to add "PhanWorks" in the Subject and include the address for any website/ portfolio you'd like us to link out to.

You can access PhanWorks via the Community tab in the site menu and also see the most recently added art at the bottom of the site's main page.

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