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More Details on Price Guide

2016 Niche Press - Collectors' Price Guide

Recently we told you about the new Phantom price guide from Niche Press that has found its way to eBay. Well, we have a few more details about the guide so that you know exactly what to expect from it.

The new guide is set to have a number of features that will make pricing your collection easier, such as:

  • giving estimates of current values across a range of comic grades

  • provides a snapshot of your collection’s value

  • identifies issues, titles and publication history

  • offers quick-reference collection checklists

  • explains grading and other collecting issues

  • examines market trends to help inform your buying and/or selling, and

  • provide tips and advice for successful collecting

The guide is also designed to be portable so if you need to travel to your Phantom-filled storage location this should make things a lot easier.

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