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Hermes Press to Reprint Avon Novels

In the 1970’s several of Lee Falk’s Phantom stories were re-worked as short novels. Released originally by Avon Publications in the US, the series of 15 novels retold some of Falk’s most famous stories.

Of the novels five were written by Falk himself with other writers filling in the other ten. Of these, Ron Goulart, using the pseudonym of Frank S. Shawn, wrote six.

Recently, on the Hermes Press YouTube channel, publisher Dan Hermes has announced that his company will be reprinting the entirety of these novels.

In the video Dan reveals that:

  • The books will start being piublished "in or about July"

  • Once they hit production, the books will be released every second month for 30 months

  • The reprinted books will be slightly larger than the originals

  • They will be printed on better quality paper

  • The George Wilson covers will be "reconstructed" so that they are perfect

  • After the publication of all 15 books, a slipcase to contain them will be made available for sale.

In the video Hermes also discusses upcoming releases for their The Phantom Sunday collections and reveals that Ron Goulert will also be the writer for the second series of Hermes’ on-going Phantom new comic books.

While there is no solicitation info for the Avon reprints yet, you can find all the info in the video below, along with information of a whole host of other Hermes Press Phantom projects.

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