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Patreon Thanks

This page is to recognise and say "thank you" to all those who are supporting ChronicleChamber through our Patreon page. Without these fine phans, ChronicleChamber and X-Band: The Phantom Podcast would not be what it is today.

Thank you to:

  • Brett Johnstone

  • Callum Markin

  • Carlton Mckenny

  • Dan Fraser

  • Swaroop Chand

  • Bradley & Joyful Peach

  • Graham

  • Jeremy Macpherson

  • Peder J Bjorkmann

  • Daniel Mollise

  • Jim Layeux

  • Luke Verri

  • Mark Payne

  • Duncan Munro

  • Sean Bassett

  • Scott Nelson

  • Jon Cookson

  • Thomas Askjellerud