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November 13, 2019

The ChronicleChamber team is lucky enough to sit down with Billy Zane in a quiet moment at Brisbane Supanova 2019.

Generous with his time, Billy tells us how he became a phan and why the character resonates with him. He talks through the journey of getting the 1996 movie off the ground and convinces us that the time is right for a new Phantom film. We also hear about interactions with Australian phans and potentially exciting p...

November 6, 2019

You knew that having Billy Zane come to Australia meant that you were going to get bombarded with podcasts, right?

First up in the series is an insight into Adelaide Supanova through the eyes of one who was there. Phantom phan Sean reflects on his experiences and passes on his advice, before taking us into the audience of Billy's Q&A panel session.

A massive thank you to Sean for sending these recordings in for us all - we know...

September 29, 2019

Grange Wallis is a young up-and-coming Phantom cover artist for Frew Publications in Australia. In this podcast we have the opportunity to find out all about him, his history with the character and his creative process.

It's a wonderful opportunity to build on the brief introduction we had back on our pre-Supanova Special Episode #121, and great to explore his experiences of Australia's most popular Phantom phan gathering.


September 4, 2019

Bane Kerac is a name many Phantom phans may not know but is a giant throughout many European countries including his homeland of Serbia. Bane only has one full Team Fantomen Phantom story to his credit along with a trading card in the recent Phanfare 2019 gallery card series.

However as you will read, in a sliding doors moment, he could easily have been a house hold name for us Phantom phans.

Chronicle Chamber: Can you tell us a...

August 26, 2019

It's an odd sort of podcast this time around!

About 3 weeks ago we recorded a conversation with Dr Paul Mason and Andrew Constant, the creative duo behind Frew Publications' made-for-kids magazine, Kid Phantom. It was an extensive chat, covering the highs, lows and minutiae of producing Australia's only 100% locally-developed comic book while managing the challenges of licensing and reaching the target market.

Then, just a...

August 16, 2019

In this episode we are excited to be joined by the one and only Alex Saviuk.

Alex is an accomplished and experienced Phantom artist, and in fact boasts the extraordinary achievement of having worked for the greatest variety of The Phantom publishers of any artist in history! His Phantom credits (both covers and stories) include: Marvel, Egmont, Moonstone, Lightning Strike ComicsFrewHermes Press, and even the King Featu...

July 22, 2019

Early last week an intriguing post popped up in the social media feeds for many phans - a little company called Wulfric Media began advertising a range of Phantom collectibles unlike anything we've seen before! 

Kelby Wooldridge is the man behind Wulfric Media. For those who came in late, we've spoken with Kelby before as he looked to produce a specilised Phantom comic storage box, but he has recently announced that he will be...

In the second of our two-part summary of the 2019 Sydney Supanova/LFMBEC adventure, this podcast features a number of short recordings from the weekend of 21-23 July 2019, as well as Jermayn and Dan reflecting on their experiences.

It's both longer and shorter than we expected. What does that mean? Only Old Man Mozz would know.

Happy Phantoming!

June 11, 2019

There might only be three Frew and two Egmont comic books for us to review since our last Comics and News podcast, but it does not mean it will be a short podcast :)

We received a phone call during the podcast by none other than Shane Foley the creator behind the Frew's version of the team up between their characters in The Phantom, Sir Falcon, Catman and The Shadow. Shane gives us a great in depth look at the series and what w...

Chronicle Chamber goes back to the 1960's and 1970's with an interesting discussion with Team Fantomen writer Magnus Knuttsson. He may be a bit of an unknown too many Phantom phans but when you discuss Rhodia / Rodia, females in the Jungle Patrol and the Team Fantomen group who write us stories that are read around the world, Magnus is the father of all of these important elements.

Listen as we go into depth on his stories from...

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